NOM.ZA Cleanup Project Plan

Jun 02, 2020


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0 Cleanup Plan: Notice to registrars, registrants and the general public

The .ZA Domain Name Authority (ZADNA) is the statutory regulator and manager of the .ZA namespace. Its mandate includes regulating all the operators of .ZA second level domains (SLDs), including, Org.Za, Co.Za, Gov.Za and Net.Za. is the .ZA moderated SLD intended to be used by individuals for the registration of personal names with no commercial value. Charter

Following the consideration of submissions received, ZADNA Board of Directors has approved the final Charter for and published it on its website. charter was developed by the ZA Domain Name Authority (ZADNA) and governs the direction and reason for the Net.Za domain name space.

Cleanup Plan

The NOM.ZA Cleanup Project Plan can be downloaded here.

For more information on the cleanup process, registrars and registrants can visit NOM.ZA News Page website.

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.ZADNA is statutory regulator and manager of .ZA

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