.za Domain Name FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

.za Domain Name FAQ

What is a domain name?

A domain name is string of characters that make up a web address (yourname.co.za) or email address (info@yourname.co.za) and is an essential part of creating a website or setting up email… READ MORE

How does a domain work?

Every computer on the public Internet has a unique numeric address—This is called the “IP (Internet Protocol) address. The Domain Name System (DNS) translates IP addresses into unique alphanumeric addresses called domain names that are easier to remember…. READ MORE

What is ICANN?

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is responsible for managing and coordinating the Domain Name System … Read More

Tell me about .Joburg, .CapeTown and .Durban domains

In the course of 2014, the public will soon be able to register names in the .durban, .joburg and .capetown TLDs. ZACR financed the application to ICANN for these three South African city top level domains (TLDs) – READ MORE

Why do South African domain names end in .za and not sa?

South Africa was a signatory to the 1968 Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals. That was the convention that chose the country codes for those oval stickers on cars that tell you where the car is from. READ MORE

FAQ - .za Domain Registration

What are the fees involved in registering a domain name?

Usually, you need to pay a registration fee and then pay a renewal fee annually to keep hold of your name. READ MORE

Can ZADNA help me choose a suitable registrar to register a domain name on my behalf?

No, ZADNA cannot advise people about suitable registrars. READ MORE

Does ZADNA register .za domain names?

No, ZADNA only administers and manages the .za namespace. This includes developing regulations, policy and procedures for .za READ MORE

Can only south african citizens register za?

There is no overall policy prohibiting non-South Africans from registering .za names, but most .za SLDs, especially the moderated ones, limit eligibility to South African persons. READ MORE

FAQ - .za Domain Disputes

What is an abusive registration?

An “abusive registration” is basically a domain name registration which is registered to take unfair advantage of another person’s rights, or to be detrimental to, or infringing, another person’s rights. READ MORE

What is a Domain Dispute?

A domain name dispute is a dispute regarding a registered domain name, which dispute is between a complainant and a person who registered a domain name (i.e. registrant). According to the Regulations, the basis of a domain name dispute can either be an abusive or an offensive registration.

Does ZADNA Have Mechanisms To Resolve .za Domain Name Disputes?

Yes, ZADNA has the Alternative Dispute Resolution Regulations for the resolution of disputes, but the ADR Regulations only apply to un-moderated SLDs under ZACR’s operation. READ MORE

How Do I Lodge a Domain Name DIspute?

A complainant can lodge a dispute by first selecting a service provider from those accredited by ZADNA… READ MORE

.za domain name disputes


What is .za Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) ?


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