.ZA Registrar-Reseller Development

ICTs can also boost growth in other sectors and promote SMME development by reducing costs and geographic barriers while increasing efficiencies and creating new opportunities. The development of central registers of skills and employment opportunities can further facilitate employment. Digital literacy programmes are likely to increase the employability of individuals across South Africa.

Registrar Reseller Training Programme

The Primary Objective:
The Primary Objective for the Registrar and Reseller Training is to promote and create awareness of .ZA domain name and to grow the namespace:

  • Promote: Reaching out to SMMEs, previously disadvantaged groups from townships and rural areas and encouraging businesses and individuals to participate in the industry by removing the barriers to entry and red tapes through Registrar and Reseller training.
  • Awareness: Raising awareness of .ZA, through the Registrar and Reseller Trainings, informing SMMEs of opportunities available under .ZA namespace; opening the industry to individuals who would not have previously had access to mentioned information, nor support to leverage from as the pursue opportunities under the .ZA umbrella.
  • Grow : Ultimately achieving growth of the .ZA Domain name through the increased number of Black ISPs/Registrars in a form of domain registrations because each province will eventually have a substantial number of ISPs/Registrars to cater to it.


Selection Criteria

the Registrar and Reseller Training Programme is targeted at “target groups” derived from guidelines stipulated by the National ICT Policy White Paper 2016, which encourages more engagement and development to rural areas and townships’:

  • Women,
  • Youth,
  • Persons with disabilities,
  • SMMEs,and
  • Individuals

the National Integrated ICT Policy White Paper 2016 identified women, youth and persons with disabilities as the “targeted groups” who require support, skills and resources in the advancement of the ICT in the country.


Virtual Registrar Reseller Training

Registrar Reseller is the SMME development initiatives in light of Ministerial Directive, 14 registrar reseller programs (Workshops, Digital Manual, Audio Training).

The purpose of the Registrar/Reseller training is to potentially grow the .ZA through SMMEs’ participation in Reseller and Registrar space thereby reaching out to SMMEs, previously disadvantaged groups from townships and rural areas and encouraging businesses and individuals to participate in the .ZA domain business. Another objective of this training is to open the industry to individuals who would not have previously had access to resell the .ZA

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.ZA Domain Name Regulator

As the .ZA Domain Name regulator, we want to broaden participation in the domain name registration and ISP market to be in-line with the demographic composition of the country. We therefore are prepared to train and equip as many historical disadvantaged SMMEs and Entrepreneurs as possible in order to award equal opportunities within this field.

Reseller training at Tshimologong – Digital Innovation Precinct

Reseller training at Tshimologong – Digital Innovation Precinct


Philly Marokane

“When we heard ZADNA was coming to our town I felt I would be a good opportunity to find out more about the domain business and identify areas of potential and growth. I must say we were not disappointed, from the presentation one could get a good overview of the domains business, the current players in the market and growth prospects. We are now gearing ourselves in having hosting as our principal business. ZADNA was very instrumental in our successful registration as an accredited domain registrar by waiving the R5000 registration cost for us.”

Philly Marokane, MLData Computer Systems

Neli Nzama

“Just sorting out few minor things and in a few day we should be ready to launch the site. The site is integrated with WHCMS and is currently in the test mode. The journey ahead is exciting though a bit scary but I trust that with the support from organizations like yourself I will manage…”

Neli Nzama, Thashnohost

.ZADNA Testimonial - Nelisiwe Nzama

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