The .ZA Domain Name Authority pronounce grounds for the draft .za Registry and Registrar Licensing Regulations


[Johannesburg, South Africa, 01 June 2022]: South Africa’s regulator for the .za namespace, the .ZA Domain Name Authority (ZADNA) – whose mandate is to administer and manage the .za namespace – since its formation in 2003, has been using policies and second-level domain (SLD) Charters to manage the namespace and have made several attempts to promulgate regulations for managing the namespace.

To close the legislative gap arising from not fulfilling prescripts of section 68 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 2002, the gazetted draft .za Registry and Registrar Licensing Regulations introduce a licensing process that enhances the regulatory processes. This is based on the aspirations of the Authority to have a framework that will inform a clear outline of the administration and management of the .za namespace across all SLDs.

“We note the industry feedback received through various stakeholder channels on the released draft Regulations and encourage more written submissions of comments as we head closer to the 6 June submission deadline,” says Molehe Wesi, CEO of ZADNA.

The proposed regulations will improve and solidify the enforcement of the currently used framework. The Regulations will ensure enforcement of requirements for registries and registrars to be licensed, monitoring their operations, investigations in the event of a breach of the Regulations, and revocation of the license.

“The Regulations propose an additional process to acquire Registrant’s identification document details to easily track them when complaints are lodged and deter the prevalence of new abusive registrations carried out knowingly, due to the gap in information acquisition during the domain name registration,” adds Wesi.

The Authority receives online abuse reports related to fraudulent activities conducted using .za domains, which applies to national and international registrations across various industries. The insufficiency in the information provided through the value chain has proved, in most instances, insufficient to investigate and handle the matter to finality in an adequate manner.

The above is crucial considering that domain name abuse progressively affects the economy and individuals, parallel to the increasing availability and dependence on Information Communication Technologies (ICT).

“As far as domain name abuse is concerned, the concerted efforts between Registries, Registrars, and the Authority are likely to decrease domain name abuse, resulting in a more secure online environment for Internet users. Having the Regulations in place will allow the current Registries and Registrars to adhere to unified licensing and compliance processes that the Authority will put in place,” concludes Wesi.

The Regulations will apply to both commercial and non-commercial SLDs. To provide clarity on uncertain matters, the Authority has published frequently asked questions on its website:

Registry-and-Registrar-Licensing-Regulations-FAQa.pdf (


The .ZA Domain Name Authority (ZADNA) is a not-for-profit company established in terms of section 59 of the Electronic Communications and Transaction Act, 2002 (Act 25 of 2002). ZADNA’s mandate is to regulate the .za namespace and ensure its efficient use, management, and administration. ZADNA is accountable to its members and the South African Department of Communications and Digital Technologies (DCDT).

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