Internet Governance


The ZAIGF is a multi-stakeholder forum of actors predominantly from the ICT sector. It was established in September 2011 for the purpose of developing a coordinated and coherent approach to dealing with Internet Governance issues in South Africa. As indicated in the Tunis Agenda for the Information Society, the management of the Internet should be “multilateral, transparent and democratic, with the full involvement of governments, the private sector, civil society, and international organisations”.

The forum facilitates and strengthens open and transparent dialogues on Internet governance, which shapes the future of the Internet ecosystem in South Africa.

Objectives of the ZAIGF

ZAIGF is a multistakeholder platform for discussing the Internet public policy issues that are pertinent to South Africa. Its objectives are to:

  • Create a South Africa multi-stakeholder platform for an inclusive dialogue on Internet-related matters and policies;
  • Create an inclusive information society;
  • Work together: Government, civil society, business and academia to bridge the gaps that exist to bring all South Africans into the Internet space knowledge society.
  • To strengthen the multi-stakeholder dialogue model for continental Internet governance engagements at regional and international forums.