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ZA supports a second level domain (SLD) structure which means that domain names can only be registered under an SLD e.g. yourname.gov.za or yourname.net.za.

ZADNA decides which SLDs should be added to .za, which current SLDs should be reviewed, and the entities that should be entrusted with operating the SLDs.

Moderated and un-moderated SLDs

There are two second-level domain (SLD) categories in .za: moderated SLDs and un-moderated SLDs.

Moderated SLDs

These SLDs are only open to designated group/s and as such, require applicants to meet set eligibility requirement/s.

Un-moderated SLDs

Un-moderated SLDs accept domain name applications without imposing eligibility requirements. ZADNA has appointed the ZA Central Registry (ZACR) to operate all un-moderated SLDs.

Active vs inactive SLDs

Most of the .za SLDs are active (i.e. they accept new domain name applications) but there are a limited number of SLDs that remain inactive (i.e. they do not accept any new domain name applications, and only maintain names already registered in the SLD).

The following SLDs are active:

SLD Registry operator Moderated/un-moderated
Ac.za TENET Moderated
Alt.za Alan Barret Un-moderated
Co.za** ZACR Un-moderated
Edu.za Educor Moderated
Gov.za SITA Moderated
Law.za (no website) Cape Law Society Moderated
Mil.za (no website) Dept of Defence Moderated
Net.za ZACR un-Moderated
Ngo.za* (no website) Sangonet Moderated
Nom.za Mike Jensen Moderated
Org.za ZACR un-Moderated
School.za e-Schools Network Moderated
Tm.za* (no website) Peter Henning Moderated
Web.za** ZACR Un-moderated

* The SLD is dormant i.e. it no longer accepts new domain name applications, but only maintains already existing (i.e. historical) names.

** The SLD is open to accept registrations from South Africans and non-South Africans.

Private SLDs

There a limited number of historical private SLDs that ZADNA inherited when it assumed the management of .za from the previous .za administrator. These are:

  • Agric.za
  • Grondar.za
  • Nis.za

ZADNA no longer accepts any addition of private SLDs because of its commitment to maintaining the SLD structure.

Deleted SLDs

In August 2007, ZADNA deleted a number of .za SLDs following public consultation based on the .za SLD deletions policy. The SLDs were subsequently removed from the .za zone file and rendered inactive. These are:

  • bourse.za.
  • city.za.
  • cybernet.za.
  • db.za.
  • iaccess.za.
  • imt.za.
  • inca.za.
  • landesign.za.
  • olivetti.za.
  • pix.za.

.ZA Second Level Domains Delegation History

Domain Date added Adminstrator
AC.ZA 26 May 1996 Tertiary Education Network (TENET)
CO.ZA 13 December 1991 UniForum SA
EDU.ZA 30 October 1995 Theuns Laubscher, ICG
GOV.ZA 23 August 1994 Sean White, Sean Greven, Karl Hohls
LAW.ZA 16 October 1998 Law Society of the Cape of Good Hope
MIL.ZA 24 February 1997 Department of Defence
NOM.ZA 29 March 1998 Mike Jensen
ORG.ZA 5 December 1994 Internet Solutions
SCHOOL.ZA 9 November 1993 SchoolNet SA
NET.ZA 4 June1992 Mike Lawrie
WEB.ZA 15 May 1997 Alfred Sauer
Private domains
AGRIC.ZA 27 October 1993 ARC & Company
GRONDAR.ZA 8 March 1994 Mark R V Murray
NIS.ZA 1 March 1994 Network Information Systems
Dormant domains
ALT.ZA 25 January 1996 Alan Barrett
NGO.ZA 29 March 1998 SANGONeT
TM.ZA 17 April 1996 Peter Henning

Org.za Net.za & Web.za Re-Launch

The org.za net.za and web.za namespace were transitioned to the management of the ZA Central Registry in 2014. The links below provide crucial information regarding this transition and re-launch process.


ZADNA also plays the role of a policy developer and driver for .za.

Some of its current policies include the .ZA SLD Delegation Policy, SLD Charters, SLD Deletions Policy and other policies, including policies currently under consultation.

Policies are developed in consultation with .za registries, registrars, the internet community and the public.

In line with ZADNA management and operations policies ZADNA developed and published The ZA SLD Operational Standards that must adhered to by the ZA SLD operators. This was done after consultation with .ZA Second-level domain operators and administrators.

.za domain name disputes


What is .za Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) ?

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