Cloud Computing in South Africa

Cloud computing is characterized as “a technique for conveying data Information Technology (IT) benefits in which data is stored and accessed from the Internet through online devices and applications.

Cloud computing offers a chance for reliable online digital storage of files, frequently very convinient as they can be acceesed anywhere and everywhere. However Cloud computing presents particular difficulties to protection and security. When utilizing cloud-based administrations, one is entrusting their information to a host for capacity and security. Would one be able to accept that a cloud-based organization will ensure and secure ones information (back it up, check for information blunders, safeguard against security ruptures)?

As more and more information is stored in the cloud issues such as data breaches, access and privacy are collarated, and cloud computing will continue to offer challenges to national policy and regulation as well as to internet governance, on how best to resolve privacy and security issues.


Cloud Computing in South Africa

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