Does ZADNA Have Mechanisms To Resolve .za Domain Name Disputes?

Does ZADNA Have Mechanisms To Resolve .za Domain Name Disputes?

Yes, ZADNA has the Alternative Dispute Resolution Regulations for the resolution of disputes, but the ADR Regulations only apply to un-moderated SLDs under ZACR’s operation.

The ADR Regulations are based on section 69 of the ECT Act that requires the Minister of Communications to promulgate ADR Regulations for the resolution of .za domain name disputes. The Regulations require ZADNA to accredit and oversee suitable South African entities to serve as ADR providers. Click here for more information.

In addition, ZADNA has authorised ZACR to also introduce and implement an additional rights protection mechanism called the Mark Validation System (MVS).

The MVS was born out of rights protection gaps arising from the ICANN new gTLD process, and is meant to allow South African and international intellectual property owners specific rights protection in the gTLDs under ZACR’s operation – these gTLDs being dotAfrica (.africa) and the dotCities i.e. dotCapeTown (.capetown), dotDurban (.durban) and dotJoburg (.joburg). For more on the MVS, please visit the ZACR website.

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