ICANN Training Series – Nordic Region: Why some Internet Legislation Might Cause a Headache

In the most recent years, the European Union has increased their legislative and policy initiatives in the field of technology. Many of these have a direct impact on the DNS – such as the Digital Services Act and the NIS2 Directive. The ambition is always to serve the greater good – however, regretfully, lawmakers may overlook the technical specifics and in some cases even take or propose steps that undermine key functionalities of the global Internet. This webinar will discuss some of those recent initiatives and their possible impact on the Internet’s unique identifier system, as well as possible impacts on its bottom-up, multi-stakeholder governance.

Speakers: Lars-Johan Liman, Senior Systems Specialist Netnod; Elena Plexida, ICANN Vice President Government and IGOs Engagement

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Nov 16 2022


12:00 am - 1:00 pm