Who we are

ZADNA is a not-for-profit company that manages and regulates the .za namespace.

ZADNA is accountable to the South African Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services, but does not receive government funding which means it is exempted from complying with the Public Finance Management Act.


ZADNA’s constitution is in the form of a Memorandum and Articles of Association in terms of the Companies Act.

Board of Directors

ZADNA has a part-time, non-executive Board of Directors that the Minister of Communications appoints in terms of the ECT Act. Section 62(2) requires the Minister to appoint a selection or nomination panel, and then issue a public call for nominations to the Board of Directors.

The nomination panel interviews the short-listed nominees and recommends appointments to the Minister. The Minister then chooses to accept all the recommended appointments or to refer some back to the panel for further consideration.

The list of current ZADNA Directors is available here.


ZADNA has a CEO heading its daily operations, and there are several employees that assist him in executing ZADNA’s mandate.