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The purpose of this document is to outline the (a) the manner in which all ZA Second-Level Domains (SLDs) operation should be handled (b) set and define operational and the technical standards that all ZA SLDs are required to meet.


.ZADNA has developed and finalised the .ZA DNSSEC Policy & Practice Statement (DPS).

DPS defines the operational procedures for the management of DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) in the South Africa top-level domain (.ZA) and second level domains under .ZA.

It draws on the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) I-D for DNSSEC Practices Statement construction, but has a number of significant differences to keep the .ZA DPS appropriate for .ZA.

Date:     04 October 2016

To:      Law societies of South Africa, Law firms, Chambers, Law schools and Department of Justice

Call for Comment to the LAW.ZA Charter

A Charter is effectively the constitution of an SLD, outlining amongst other things the SLD’s purpose and eligibility requirements. The concept framework gives details about what informs the charter and what other related legal domains structured. ZADNA is releasing this Charter for comment as part of its consultation processes with a view of using the comments to finalise the Charter by the end of November 2016. Once finalised the Charter will then be implemented as per .ZA SLD General Policy.

The call for comment is meant to allow the players in the South African legal community and those affected by the operations and regulation of the ZA namespace an opportunity to give feedback to these Charter (before they are implemented), and suggest ways in which the Charter may be ehanced to support the principles of choice, access and openness, and support the growth of the ZA namespace.

The deadline for submission of comments is 16h00 on Wednesday, 16 November 2016. Submissions should be emailed to submissions@zadna.org.za or faxed to +27 (0) 10 020 3919 or 086 688 7109 (South Africa only) for the attention of Cedrick Lumadi, Technical Coordinator. Questions may also be directed to the above email address or should be directed to the Technical Coordinator at telephone number +27 (0)10 020 3910.

The LAW.ZA Draft Charter can be downloaded here…
The LAW.ZA Concept Framework can be downloaded here…


The .ZA Second Level Domain (SLD) General Policy can be downloaded here…

Essentially,the General Policy amongst other issues:

  • Confirms key principles, practices and standards that underpin domain name registration in .ZA SLDs.
  • Clarifies differences existing between restricted and unrestricted .ZA Second Level Domains (“SLDs”), and the exceptions that may exist in the treatment of different SLDs.
  • Lays a foundation in respect of which future ZADNA policies and regulations dealing with specific areas may be developed.

.ZA SLD Administrators and Registry Operators are given a period of 3 (three) months, ending 30 June 2015, to prepare for compliance with the General Policy. Requests for extended preparation period are welcome in this regard and will be considered and dealt with by ZADNA on a case-by-case basis. Such requests may be submitted to submissions@zadna.org.za by Thursday, 30 April 2015.


The Authority follows an inclusive policy development process which includes a public consultation process.

In 2005, ZADNA released the draft discussion document which was used to confirm the structure of .ZA and the role of registries and registrars in .ZA. In 2007, ZADNA released the draft .za policies and procedures which was the result of 2005 draft discussion document.

The outcome of the 2007 policy consultation process was the decision to establish the ZA Central Registry which was appointed in 2012 following detailed benchmarking and consultation processes with local and international parties.

Between 2012 and 2014, ZADNA focused on several policy development processes, especially involving net.zaorg.za and web.za charters. The charters were approved in 2014, and resulted in the re-launch of the 3 second level domains under the operation of the ZACR.

New domains

The .za DNA constitution contains the policy namely  Establishment and Disestablishment of New Second Level Sub-domains. However, for the last 5 years the Authority put a moratorium on accepting new domain applications pending introducing the .za domain policy and the licensing of registries and registrars.

Dormant domain deletions

In early 2009, the Authority decided to delete all the domains that were inactive. For future reference, the Authority has developed a domain deletion policy and procedure. As a policy directive the Authority does not intend to delete a domain as long as it is active (i.e. it has at least a single active registration and/or its name servers are operational).

Approved .ZA SLD Charters

ZA SLD Published Policies

The following policies were developed and published by ZA Central Registry in consultation with ZADNA:

The Global Domain Name Registration Guidelines

The Global Domain Name Registration Guidelines outlines domain name registration process as guided by ICANN. The document also covers guidelines regarding registration fees, transfer and renewal proecss.

.ZA Second-level domain Charter Guidelines

The SLD Charter Guidelines sets out guidelines on the interpretention of the .ZA Second-level Domain Charters developed by ZADNA for all the SLDs.

.ZA Registration Practices and Guidelines

The SLD Registration practices and Guidelines provide information on the steps of ZA Second-Level Domains (SLD) registration and the process to be followed.

ZACR Registrar Accreditation

ZACR registrar accreditation guidelines provide a process in terms of steps for potential registrars to become accredited.

SCHOOL.ZA Third-level Launch

The School.za is a moderated Second level domain currently administered and operated by e-Schools’ Network NPC. Currently school.za registration model is on the fourth level. e-Schools’ Network NPC and ZADNA developed a framework and a process to transition from fourth level to third level registration.

The links below provide information regarding the transition process including timelines and launch of third level registration process.

.za domain name disputes


What is .za Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) ?

what is a domain name


What is a Domain Name? How do Domain Names work?

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