The Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (ECT) stipulates that every South African citizen may become a member of ZADNA at no cost.

Interested persons may apply for membership using the membership application form. Applicants must provide full details in the application form if they are to be accepted as members.

Why become a ZADNA member?

The ECT Act allows all South African citizens to become ZADNA members free of charge. By becoming a member and subscribing you will receive more updated information from ZADNA that is not usually released through the media or the ZADNA website.

By becoming a member you will also be eligible to vote in ZADNA annual general meetings (AGMs). The AGM is ZADNA’s highest decision-making structure, at which annual business plans, audited financial statements and changes to ZADNA’s constitution are made (Memo of Incorporation).

Who is eligible for membership?

All South African citizens and permanent South African residents are eligible for membership.

Membership costs and period

While membership of ZADNA is currently free of charge, ZADNA reserves the right to charge a nominal membership fee to cover the administrative costs of membership. Members will be given sufficient notice of any intention to charge membership fees.

Membership continues indefinitely. However, ZADNA strives to maintain an active membership body at all times because this is important for establishing a quorum at its meetings and for complying with the Companies Act. Accordingly ZADNA may discontinue the membership of a particular member in the event that the member fails on two separate occasions to respond to a request to confirm his/her continued membership.

The termination of membership in this manner does not in anyway prevent that person from reapplying for membership at anytime thereafter.

How to become a .ZADNA member

There are a number of ways in which you can become a member:

  • By completing the membership application and submitting it. Upon successful confirmation of receipt of your application form you will be deemed to be a .za Domain name Authority (.ZADNA) member.
  • By sending the .za Domain Authority (.ZADNA) a facsimile at fax number  +27 (0) 10 020 3919 or 086 688 7109 (South Africa only). The faxed application must have your full name, ID number and as many contact details as possible eg. e-mail address, fax number, tel. number, cell number and physical address.
  • You will become a member of ZADNA when you receive confirmation of subscription of your name into the members’ mailing list.
  • By phoning ZADNA and providing your contact details as set out in above. You will become a member when you receive confirmation of subscription of your name into the members’ mailing list.
  • By sending ZADNA an e-mail to in which you indicate your intention to become a member and provide your full name, ID number, e-mail address, fax number, phone number, cell number and physical address. You are deemed to be a member when you receive confirmation of subscription of your name into the members’ mailing list.

It is the member’s duty to ensure that s/he updates his/her contact details as ZADNA cannot accept any responsibility for failure to deliver documentation and information to a member in the event of changed/incorrect contact details.

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