Domain licensing and registration

The Electronic Communications Act requires ZADNA to license and regulate .za registries and registrars.

This is an important service as it is intended to allow ZADNA to set accountability lines and clearly defined standards to which these players should adhere.

In line with its regulatory function, ZADNA implemented the Central Registry concept to provide an automated, world-class infrastructure from which .za SLDs – especially un-moderated SLDs – would be operated.

The CR approach brings a number of benefits to the stature and growth of .za. In particular, it has allowed ZADNA to separate the registry and registrar functions. The CR operator (ZACR) not only serves as the registry operator – allowing registrars to access the SLDs under its operation – but also introduces a clearly defined process for the accreditation of registrars.

Following an extensive benchmarking exercise, ZADNA appointed UniForum SA in 2012 to serve as the ZA Central Registry (ZACR) operator.

More information on ZACR is available here...