Parties interested in becoming accredited .ZA ADR providers should apply to ZADNA. Applications for accreditation will be processed during the ordinary course of business. Application requirements are listed in Regulations 37 and 38 of the ADR Regulations. Download the regulations below.

Applications should be submitted by email to or by hand to ZADNA, 44 Grand Central Road, Sanofi House, Halfway House, Midrand, 1685, Gauteng, South Africa.

Applications should not exceed 20 pages (excluding attachments) and should adhere to 1.5 spacing and a font of 12. Proposals posted or hand-delivered must be accompanied by a soft copy (CD/DVD or memory stick) that will not be returned.

ADR enquiries should be emailed to You can also contact ZADNA by phone on +27 (0)10 020 3910.